Customer Management

A school which nurtures the talents needed
to face the challenges of Customer Management.

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Customer management innovation hub

A bold look at the future,
a courageous change of perspective.

Founded with the involvement of well-known brands, and points of reference in various sectors, the Customer Management Innovation Hub is a place where research, experimentation, and sharing experiences become the key factors in defining new models for business development.” A constant comparison of expectations and critical areas between the primary realities of different sectors directs the research work and further development of the observatory, as well as guiding the development of skills by the Academy and promoting the prototyping of new relationship models within the Labs.


The pillars of the project

Covisian invests in an Accelerator of excellence in Customer Management based on the coding, exploration, and application of advanced models.


Analysis of the End-to-End Customer
Management Market.

Business Community

Comparison between stakeholders
and strategic direction.


Research and development
of skills and talents.


Prototypes of models
and solutions.

reagire al cambiamento

Reacting to change

We are facing an epochal change, in which technology and digital factors have profoundly changed customers, their habits, and the way they relate to others. The profuse investment made by companies in the adoption of new technologies and process review is not rewarded by the same degree of loyalty.

To overcome the general disorientation of the customer experience anticipated by customers in the coming years, we have invested in the Customer Management Innovation Hub, which invites companies to collaborate to design the future in which the overall ecosystem wins, including customers.